Travis and Jason Kelce 'Don't Know Where to Start' When Eating British Food and Reveal Which Dish 'Creeps' Them Out (2024)

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When Jason and Travis Kelce recorded a special epsiode of their 'New Heights' podcast in London, they tried a full English breakfast, afternoon tea and more delicacies


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Published on July 2, 2024 05:07PM EDT

Travis Kelce took a break from attending girlfriend Taylor Swift’s London shows to try some British cuisine with his brother.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, and his brother Jason, 36, took theirNew Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast across the pond and filmed at Passyunk Avenue Bar in London. While at the Philly-inspired dive bar, the NFL stars tasted some classic British dishes – much to picky eater Travis’ disdain.

Right off the bat, Travis was unenthused with the options. “We gotta eat food? I thought we were just drinking English beer,” he quipped.

“They got a full English breakfast for us,” the former Philadelphia Eagles player explained. “We got beans, most importantly. What is it with the beans?”

The father of three couldn’t quite figure out what to do with the spread and wasn’t certain how to eat the beans, but once he sorted it out, he was unimpressed.

Travis and Jason Kelce 'Don't Know Where to Start' When Eating British Food and Reveal Which Dish 'Creeps' Them Out (1)

“I don’t get the big deal about it,” Jason said. “Yeah, it’s what you think it is. It’s beans and toast. Very bland.”

After that less-than-rave review, Travis seemed even less willing to try it and when asked if he would taste anything on the plate he replied, “No, I think you’re doing great.”

But he changed his tune when trying the blood sausage, which he liked enough to go for a second bite.

“That was pretty good,” Travis admitted and Jason emphasized, “I’m not gonna lie, this is great.”

When presented with the next English dish, the pair were left baffled once again. They hilariously examined a three-tier display of bite-sized foods.

“What do we have here? Can somebody help me out? I don’t even know where to start with this,” Jason said, looking skeptically at the food tower.

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“Yeah, how do we even approach this?” Travis added.

Despite being directed to start with the sandwiches, the Kelces were still confused even after taking a bite.

“What is that? Frosting?” Travis asked Jason about the sandwich he took a bite from. Jason informed him it was cheese. “Yeah, I’m not a big cheese guy,” Travis dismissed.

“You don’t like cheese?” Jason asked in a shocked tone. “Who doesn’t like cheese?”

Travis then explained that he can't take the "mushy" texture of goat cheese. “Kinda creeps me out," he said of the sandwich. “Cream cheese is tough [too]. Cheesecake, same thing.”

Next up in the taste-test queue, Travis opted for a blue-colored pastry. “It’s like a dusted macaron,” Jason guessed when looking at it; he, on the other hand, chose a vol au vent.

“Sounds French,” he said while cutting into the egg-filled pastry. “You guys are just stealing stuff from the French? That’s all right, we steal stuff in the U.S. all the time.”

“From everyone,” Travis joked.

Both NFL players liked their choices and immediately praised the two treats, describing them in simple terms.

“Egg salad in a pastry? Sign me up,” Jason said of his choice.

“This was all done up and everything and it’s just like sugar in a croissant,” Travis described his ornate dessert, which was later clarified as a choux pastry.

“Gah, I should have known that from Great British Bake Off,” Jason said. “Die-hard watcher of that. Great show. It’s one of those shows that Kylie and I just can’t wait for a new season to drop.”

Travis then couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for the warm scones, immediately moaning excitedly when he popped one in his mouth. Jason took his time adding jam and cream, which he mistook for butter.

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The brothers were handed petite cups of tea to wash down the towering display of sandwiches and pastries.

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“Let’s see what we’re rocking with, see what all the hype’s about,” Travis said about the drink, holding a beat before trying a taste. “Okay, that is still blazing hot.”

“I think you’re supposed to drink it hot, right?” Jason said before scolding his younger brother. “Dude, put your pinky out and do it properly!”

They clinked their cups and took a sip, agreeing that it tasted “lovely.”

Travis and Jason Kelce 'Don't Know Where to Start' When Eating British Food and Reveal Which Dish 'Creeps' Them Out (2)

“I’m not gonna lie, this is the best tea I’ve had in my f---ing life,” Jason said and Travis agreed, adding, “I’m not gonna lie, tea doesn’t taste like this in America.”

The Kelce brothers recorded the podcast episode on June 22 — the day after Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce attended their first Eras Tour show at Wembley Stadium. The following day, on June 23, Travis made his onstage debut at another night of Swift's Eras Tour shows at Wembley Stadium.

Travis attended all three of Swift's London shows last week and the final show of her three-night Dublin stay on Sunday, June 30.

Travis and Jason Kelce 'Don't Know Where to Start' When Eating British Food and Reveal Which Dish 'Creeps' Them Out (2024)
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