Kylie Kelce Pregnant with Baby Number 4?! Jason Weighs In (2024)

Kylie Kelce pregnant with baby number 4? What a blessing that would be!

As obsessed as the world is right now with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, there is still much love for the other power couple in the NFL family.

Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie have been beloved for years. They made headlines in 2023 when she risked going into labor at State FarmStadiumin Glendale, Arizona just so she could watch Jason play in the Super Bowl.

And now, with Jason retiring from the NFL, the question is what comes next for the family?

Since giving birth to their 3rd child, fans have wondered if the pair will be adding more kids to their brood. Some sleuths even think they’ve discovered clues that she might be expecting.

The truth? Here’s what we know.

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Kylie Kelce’s Not Pregnant – Yet

There seems to be an extreme level of wishful thinking at the moment concerning this story. Neither Kylie nor Jason have announced that they are expecting another baby. Plus, with three kids under 5, no one could blame them for wanting to take a minute!

However, recently, Kylie has hinted that she and Jason have talked about adding more kids to their family.

The busy mom subtly dropped the bombshell casually duringa recent interview with NY magazine’s The Strategistwhile listing off items she can’t live without.

Among the items were things like mascara for herself and dry shampoo for the rushed days. But then she talked about a pair of PJs she likes to make sure she has on hand.

“We lucked out because we had three girls,” Kylie explained. “We’re rotating through clothes we bought for our first daughter now to our youngest, so we have gone through a lot of hand-me-downs.”

She then added that many pajamas have started show their age, but not one particular set, which she hopes to have on hand for a bit longer.

“The Hanna Anderson PJs last forever,” she explained, before revealing they still have some pairs packed away “just in case there ends up being a fourth.”

So, it’s on their mind!

The Family’s Teased Baby #4 Before

Fans started to suspect something was up after one of Kylie’s first appearances on the New Heights podcast with Travis and Jason.

Kylie Kelce Pregnant with Baby Number 4?! Jason Weighs In (2)

In a video from September 2023, the caption from Travis’ TikTok reads, “This woman is a SAINT! Takes care of 4 kids at home and even found the time to join the pod Thanks Sis!!”

4 kids? 4?! Big hint to drop right there in the caption, T!

While some fans were busy fawning over the fact that Travis was wearing a John Mayer shirt, others were concerned that the family was burying the lead on a new addition.

But if it was mean to be a hint, the couple nor Travis didn’t commented on it further. It remains a mystery if the 4 kids comment referred to another little one on the way, or just that Jason is another big “kid” Kylie takes care of.

Let’s be real: it’s most likely the latter.

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Jason Squashes The Rumors – For Now

As we said, neither Jason nor Kylie have announced they are expecting another kid. That’s not to say that they won’t have one; just that aren’t about to have one right now.

Of course, people have to go and run away with their thoughts and theories (right Kate Middleton?), so Jason being Jason – well, he just piled right on!

Again on his podcast, in March 2024, Jason talked about his wife going to Milan Fashion Week without him. He then segued into the rumors that she was pregnant.

“Apparently Kylie is pregnant with our fourth child, it’s a boy,” he told Travis, before adding: “In this made-up universe.”

Travis then joked: “You guys made a baby in Milan?”

That’s when Jason replied: “If she got pregnant in Milan, we’ve got some things to answer here.'”

So, we’ll take that as a no…

Kylie Kelce’s Kids With Jason

Kylie and Jason wed in Philadelphia in April 2018 after meeting on Tinder.

Yes, ladies, it can happen!

A little more than a year later, they welcomed their first child, daughter Wyatt Elizabeth Oct. 2, 2019.

It would seem that Jason was destined to be a girl dad as the pair have two more girls: Elliotte Ray on March 4, 2021 and Bennett Llewellyn, born on Feb. 23, 2023 – not at the Super Bowl, as so many feared that year!

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Besides, aren’t we all just more interested in Kylie and Taylor being friends at the moment anyway?

Kylie Kelce Pregnant with Baby Number 4?! Jason Weighs In (2024)
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