Chinese Model Jessica Du Has Left Hand Amputated After Accident, Thanks Hand For “35 Years Of Companionship” (2024)



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She remains very positive and says she will soon be fitted with arobotic hand and looks forward tobecoming a cyborg.

Jessica Du amputation
Chinese Model Jessica Du Has Left Hand Amputated After Accident, Thanks Hand For “35 Years Of Companionship” (5)

Chinese model and adrenaline junkie Jessica Du, who often shares her sky diving and skiing adventures on her socials, has lost her left hand after an accident.

The 35-year-old took to Instagram on Dec 28 to reveal the shocking news, saying that she had undergone an amputation and will soon be fitted with a robotic hand.

“Although it's a sad thing, I'll soon be fitted with abionic prosthetic arm, brain-computer interface, and experience living as a human and machine and become a cyborg, which makes the future seem promising!" she shared optimistically, along with pics of herself with her head shaven after surgery.

There were also pre-surgery snaps showing her kissing her bandaged hand, with the text: "Thank you for 35 years of companionship."

Though Jessica did not reveal the details of her accident, she said it was not a result of adventure activities.

She added that she is waiting for her third surgery and will share her story when she is ready.

Despite her condition, Jessica remains upbeat, saying her mental state is “quite good”.

“It has already happened. [You have to] find ways to coexist with things that cannot be changed,” she wrote.

But accepting the loss wasn’t easy. Jessica admitted that she went through a phase of disbelief and wanted to die.

"But human willpower and adaptability are really strong. On the fifth day, after the amputation surgery, I completely accepted it, and started looking forward to the unknown after reading up on bionic technology,” she said.

The most unbearable part of this ordeal is dealing with phantom limb pain.

"Clearly, the hand is gone, but I can still feel its presence. The pain in each finger is like being pricked by needles,” she shared.

Netizens flooded her socials with messages of encouragement, with many touched by her positivity.

There were comments like: “Always felt that your life was super cool, continue to live your best life,” "Such an optimistic smile, jia you!” and “There are many beautiful sceneries waiting for you in the future".

Photos: Jessica Du/Instagram

Jessica Du amputation



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Chinese Model Jessica Du Has Left Hand Amputated After Accident, Thanks Hand For “35 Years Of Companionship” (2024)
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